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About the project

Do Agua Boa


It was in 2017 that the beginnings of the Do Agua Boa project appeared. Indeed, it is during a quad bike ride that Philippe and Monique literally fall in love with this country and this region.  












After more than two years of questioning and research in vain, it is finally in 2018 that parents and children ( Monique, Philippe, Camille and Nathan) discover a rare pearl in the heart of the Portuguese country. It is therefore in an area of 23 hectares, one hour from Lisbon, nestled between pines and cork oaks that the family decides to install their luggage there to develop tourist activities. At that time, the land and the buildings present were in ruins. An Irish couple had invested all their savings there to create a hospital for horses, but, unfortunately, due to a lack of time and resources, their project ended up falling apart and sold their property to the Hoyois family. .












At first, the Do Agua Boa project was not clear in the family's mind. The latter shared the desire to build a second main house abroad but was far from the idea of building a tourist area there ... So the main objective remained to simply enjoy the sweetness of life Portuguese, the relaxing calm of the surrounding nature to escape the grayness and the incessant stress of Belgium.


But after being more than enchanted by this new way of life, a question quickly arose: why not share it with others? This is how the three small Portuguese houses (at the time in ruins, adjoining the family house and intended to be demolished), quickly found themselves at the heart of a new project: the Do Agua Boa estate. It is therefore in just under a year that the three lodges have literally stood up and at the same time melted into the natural setting of Carapuções.












Over the months, the project has continued to grow: local catering, sports activities, cultural excursions ... Like the fruit trees of Do Agua Boa, ideas flourish and materialize every day.

As you will have understood, this project is above all a family objective. Indeed, all family members are involved. Everyone brings their contribution and skills to it, to make it a human and professional experience every day. With the experience of several seasons at ClubMed, the children Camille and Nathan as well as Alois (Camille's companion) know the tricks of quality tourism. Philippe and Monique, for their part, bring all their expertise, vision and professional experience.


We talk about us !

TV report produced by the Portuguese channel "RTP1" in March 2022

Artigo de imprensa DoAguaBoa

Press article produced by the newspaper "La Derniere Heure" in October 2021

Article de presse Camille Hoyois DoAguaBoa

Press article produced by the independent journalists of "Rostos da Aldeia" in July 2022.

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The Do Agua Boa team


Philippe Hoyois

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- Monique's husband

- Father of Nathan and Camille

- Alois father-in-law


Monique Hoyois

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- Philippe's wife

- Mother of Nathan and Camille

- Alois mother-in-law


Nathan Hoyois

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- Son of Philippe and Monique

- Brother of Camille

- Alois brother-in-law


Camille Hoyois

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- Daughter of Philippe and Monique

- Nathan's sister

- Alois mate


Aloïs Moreau

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- Son-in-law of Philippe and Monique

- Nathan's brother-in-law

- Camille's companion

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